Group Coaching

Interactive in-person workshops are available with plenty of time for discussion and questions.  .Encouraging  group and individual learning through the exchange of ideas, information, resources and strategies between peers working towards careers in the arts and/or in arts-entrepreneurship.

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Artist Coaching Package

Want one on one instruction?  This five hour consultation includes topics such as website review, helping with your artist statement, specific venues appropriate for your work, branding, web copy, how to stand out in a crowded marketplace or your specific needs.

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Online course

This course was designed for you to create your own personalized business plan.  Artists are not cookie-cutter creatives and their business plans should not be as well.   By creating your own individual plan you are creating your unique life.

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Stop selling your creativity and  chasing your business and your life


As a creative/artist you offer the world something special.  Whether you are a dancer, painter, potter or musician you have gift to share - but getting your ideal audience can be a challenge.

Working in your studio is rewarding but ALL the marketing, brand building, social media and business aspects can be mind-boggling...and discouraging.

BUT you can build your business and audience and earn what you are worth with a little help...and hard work.  Artizen biz was created to help.  The only difference between a successful and an unsuccessful artist is that the successful artist has found their ideal collector/audience.  This alone means that people begin to seek you out rather you chasing your next sale drip by drip...and you begin to earn what you are worth.

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